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Company Profile

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Company Profile

Established on April 27,2001,Chengdu Dongjun Laser Co.,Ltd completed shareholding system transformation in 2010. DJ-LASER is jointly built by Dongguan Dongjun Group Co., Ltd and North Laser Research Institute Co;Ltd , together with natural person shareholders with an investment of RMB 60 million capital stock. As a national leading high-tech enterprise,DJ-LASER specializes in research, development and production of laser crystal materials and other synthetic crystal materials. The company is situated at Chengdu Pujiang Eco-industrial Park, covering an area of 112 mu with overall floorage of 22,000 m2.

DJ-LASER is a national high-tech enterprise, Sichuan constructive and innovative enterprise, as well as a Chengdu key new material manufacture. The company has been dedicated to high-tech, research and development of products as a core competitiveness since established.DJ-LASER has obtained many invention patents and utility model patents on R&D of laser crystals, sapphire crystals and other series of synthetic crystals.DJ-Laser has got ISO9001-2015 quality system certification.

DJ-LASER wins the National Science and Technology Achievement Award in single doping,double doping and multiple doping technologies of YAG crystal many times and holds independent intellectual property rights. Especially,in neodymium-doped and cerium,yttrium and lutetium stone-doped laser crystal bar, the company acquires the National Grade Ⅱ Prize of science and Technology Progress and maintains the leading position in China. With the development of the company,investment into technical research and development is increased and a major breakthrough is made in research and development of YAG laser crystals,linear optical crystals and scintillation crystals. DJ-LASER has stable production capacity and has gained tens of invention patents and utility model patents,which effectively ensures sustained development of products.

A series of laser crystal materials manufactured by DJ-LASER are widely used in military and civil fields. DJ-LASER has abundant product categories in laser crystal materials. It can provide various crystal materials with different doping concentrations:Nd:YAG、(Nd:Ce):YAG、Cr4+:YAG、Er:YAG、Ce:YAG、Yb:YAG、(Tm.Ho):YAG、(Tm.Ho.Cr):YAG、Nd:YAP、Er:Glass、 YOV4、Nd: YOV4. Also, it has first-class optical processing technology as well as can manufacturer various crystal bars,crystal slabs,composite crystals and threaded crystal ingots according to customers’requirements .

DJ-LASER can supply LED sapphire substrates and special sapphire optical window in mass production.