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Sapphire Wafer and Substrates

basic information
Product Details
Sapphire Substrate and Wafer
Our company provide sapphire wafers and substrates of various specifications in different crystal directions, thicknesses, processing accuracy requirements. Customizing is available The mainly sapphire wafer products are 2”, 4” and 6” sapphire wafers
Crystal Material ≥ 99.995% Al2O3, High Purity
Diameter ?2" 50.8mm, ? 3" 76.2mm, ? 4" 100mm, ? 6" 150mm etc

430um (? 2"), 430/600um (? 3"), 650/600 um (? 4"),

 1000/1300um (6"), or other customized thickness available

Surface finish One side polished (SSP), Double sided polished (DSP)
Surface Roughness Epi-ready CMP Ra ≤ 0.3nm (polished side)
TTV/WARP/BOW ≤10um/ 10um/ 10um
Packing Class 100 Clean room cleaning and vacuum packaging
Sapphire wafer and substrate applications include:
  • Microelectronic IC applications
  • SOS Silicon-on-Sapphire
  • The growth of superconducting compounds / Gallium Nitride
  • Infrared detectors
  • Hybrid microelectronics
  • Polishing carriers
  • Hostile environment
  • Optical transmission from ultraviolet to near infrared
  • High temperature
  • Radiation resistance
More details and need quotation, please contact sales@dj-laser.com