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Sapphire Ingot

basic information
Product Details

Sapphire Ingot

Our company can supply 2", 4" and 6" sapphire crystal rods with different crystal directions and different processing precision in batches. The 8-inch sapphire crystal rods have already entered the trial stage.
we supply fully fabricated sapphire ingot to meet the market request, for these markets we provide sapphire ingot in the three most popular diameters of 2inch,4inch,6inch.


Orientation: (C-A) ?±0.1?° / (C-M) ?±0.1?°
Diameter: 2inch,4inch,6inch±0.5mm
Primary flat length: 16.0 ?±0.5mm, 30.0 ?±0.5mm and 47.5 ?±0.5mm
Length: 40mm to 180mm
Exclusion area: <10%
Circularity: <0.02mm
Surface roughness: fine ground or as request
Purity: 100.00%

We are looking forward to hearing from you and help you with your sapphire optics and laser crystal.Welcome enquiry sales@dj-laser.com