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basic information
Product Details


Nd:YAG is the most widely used solid state laser crystal. It is mainly used in industrial, medical, military and scientific applications. It has the characteristics of high gain, low threshold, high efficiency, high optical quality, low loss, large mechanical strength, good thermal conductivity and thermal shock characteristics.It’s suitable for different applications (CW, pulsed, Q-switched,, mode locked, frequency doubling) and high-average power lasers.



Orientation <111>.<100>±5°
Wavefront distortion ≤0.1λ/inch
Extinction ratio ≥25dB
Sizes ? ≤30mm, L ≤220 mm
Different rods,slabs and discs etc are customized.
Tolerance ?:0/-0.03mm, L:0/+0.5mm
Cylindrical machining Fine grinding, Polishing, Grooving
Parallelism ≤ 10"
Perpendicularity ≤ 5’
Flatness λ/10@632.8nm
Surface Quality 10-5 (MIL-O-13830A)
Chamfer 0.15±0.05mm
Coating S1/S2:R≤0.2%@1064nm
Other coatings can be customized
Damage threshold ≥5J/cm2@1064nm, 10ns 10Hz 
Laser Wavelength 1064 nm
Diode Pump wavelength 808nm
Refractive index 1.8197@1064nm
Special specifications: Max. concentration in discs 1.8 at%
Metallization,Wedges,Brewster angle, Concave/Convex, on end faces

High grade and specific Nd: YAG rods or slabs and other ion doped YAG crystals are also available upon request.


If you are interested in our laser crystal and laser components,pleae congtact us to send detailed enquiry 


Typical specifications for selected rod sizes -other sizes available IN STOCK(Rod Replace and Repair)

P/N D(mm) L(mm) Applied machine
Rod-D6-L145 6 145 laser cutting,
welding machine
Rod-D6-L165 6 165
Rod-D7-L145 7 145
Rod-D7-L165 7 165
Rod-D7-L185 7 185
Rod-D8-L145 8 145
Rod-D8-L165 8 165
Rod-D8-L185 8 185
Rod-D3-L65 3 65

laser cutting machine

laser marking machine

Rod-D3-L66 3 66
Rod-D3-L67 3 67
Rod-D3-L75 3 75
Rod-D3-L76 3 76
Rod-D3-L77 3 77
Rod-D3-L78 3 78
Rod-D3-L120 3 120
Rod-D4-L120 4 120
Rod-D4-L130 4 130
Rod-D5-L120 5 120
Rod-D8-L147 8 147
Rod-D4 4 (50~80) laser medical/
beauty machine
Rod-D5 5 85
Rod-D6 6 (100~120)
Rod-D7 7 (100~120)
Rod-D8 8 (100~120)


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